On several occasions, AAFS staff were approached by parents and youth wondering if AAFS has any programs in communities outside of Calgary, and if we would consider expanding. With this feedback in mind, AAFS established Rural AAFS in the winter of 2017, to better service areas surrounding Calgary such as Okotoks, Airdrie and Cochrane.

We run AAFS activities in the same way, simply out in rural areas. Any AAFS members, wherever they live, are welcome to register and attend these event.  


Currently AAFS is running bi-weekly Okotoks Clubhouse nights at the Okotoks Library. Community outings will be added to the schedule in January 2019.


AAFS has been running bi-weekly Clubhouse Night activities at the Genesis Centre in Airdrie. Community outings are added to the schedule commencing in January 2019.


We are in discussion with potential community partners for a AAFS Clubhouse space in Cochrane. We are hopeful to start bi-weekly Cochrane Clubhouse nights in 2020. We will be hosting a open-house event in the new year.

Program Co-Facilitators: Anaïk Maeseele or Kelsey Hofstetter

Contact: (403)-246-7383 or ruralaafs@aafscalgary.com

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