Fellowship: Pub Night at Hudsons South

  • September 14, 2019
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Hudsons South (16061 Macleod Trail SE)
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Fellowship: Pub Night at Hudsons South

Please note: Pub Night activities are for those 18 and older.

Please bring a charged cell phone if you have one in order to practice social independence!

Let's head to Hudsons for some good eats and good times. 

Hope to see you there, Cheers!

**you must be of legal drinking age to enter this facility. Please remember to bring a valid piece of ID to this activity! 


  • 20-30$ for food and drinks (optional)
  • hours of respite or community aide support

Program Contact (For general information and program inquiries):
Brittany: 403-246-7383 or brittany@aafscalgary.com 

Family and Access Calgary Contact (For contact during the activity. Please note: staff phones are only in use for 1 hour before, during, and 1 hour after the activity):
Ellen (403.200.3986)  
Please remember AAFS is a nut free environment! Please do not send your child with any snacks containing nuts. If you consume nuts prior to an AAFS activity, please wash your hands and brush your teeth! 

All AAFS Programs come with a Fee for Service which is classified as respite, community aide support, community access or work related child care and is covered by FSCD and PDD (Family Managed Contracts. If you do not have FSCD or PDD funding, please contact Dean Svoboda- dean@aafscalgary.com

You can also visit our FAQ for further details about fees associated with AAFS Programs

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