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Allies for Autism and AAFS have enjoyed a long relationship. When AAFS received our Charitable Status, our first order of business was to get a Grant Application in to Allies. We have included a list of the ways they have impacted AAFS over the years and this list really does not show the real impact of Allies on AAFS and the ASD community as a whole.

Please visit the Allies for Autism website to learn more about this amazing organization.

This past year, 2011, our Allies grant went towards Clubhouse Improvement which included new computers, Ipads, A projector and Sensory supplies for our youth to access.

2010- Subsidy and Outdoor Pursuits

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Coolers, Fishing and Camping Gear- 4 Overnight Camping trips- Drumheller, Banff, Sylvan Lake and Bragg Creek.A total of 58 youth were able to go camping, 13 of those youth- it was their first time EVER staying away from home

The fishing gear resulted in 100,000 fish being caught (I asked one of our youth for an estimate so that might be a little high but not too far off) and 17 youth caught their 1st fish ever.

The Subsidy money allowed a number of youth the opportunity to take part in AAFS Summer activities despite funding and financial barriers. The subsidy money covered everything from Ice Cream cones for kids to Programs for Adults that don't qualify for PDD funding.

2009- Video Game Design

This money was able to last over 2 summers and has given 49 youth the chance to learn about Video Game Design, this coming summer will be our 3rd stream of the course and the teacher for the course thinks that some of those in their 3rd year are nearing the capacity to develop Professional grade games.

2007- Transitions and Arts Based Self Advocacy

Our Arts based Self Advocacy program has become a source for many Youth to express their views on; Being Bullied by Youth and Adults in their life, Living life behind a Mask, Societal Stereotypes and how THEY FEEL when people talk about "curing" them.

The importance of this program cannot be understated; it's not that they made movies, plays and Multimedia presentations. The program gives them a voice and asks their Opinion on topics everyone is talking about.

2006- Clubhouse Programs

(PS3, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Video and Board Games)

When AAFS was young and had an annual budget of under $50,000.Allies money bought is our first Nintendo Wii, some games, a Camcorder, Digital Camera, Art Supplies and some board games for our officewell, for the ACA office which was our home back in the day.

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